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Roundabout Electives for Grade 5/6


Live Stream Worship / Bible Adventures / Large Group Games

10:00 PM

Small Group Gathering

Discussion and Prayer time with assigned small groups

11:15 AM

Roundabout Elective #1

Pre-selected Elective on Zoom

11:30 AM

Lunch Break

Short Break Time

12:15 PM

Roundabout Elective #2

Pre-selected Elective on Zoom

1:00 PM

Roundabout Elective #3

Pre-selected Elective on Zoom

2:00 PM

Hang Out Time

Hang out together to do challenges

3:00 PM

Large Group Closing 

Finale Worship, Wrap-Up, Announcements, Dismissal

3:45 PM

Daily Schedule (Monday-Thursday)


Dynamic, live-streamed worship with exciting bible adventures are ready to unfold each day during VBS.  Grade 5/6 will have their own small groups to build new and deepen old friendships.   The 5/6 program has a wide range of electives for preteens to select.   Their lineup includes Trendy Tik Tok Dance Challenges, Among Us Tutorials, Girls' Voices, and Real Life Cooking, plus more.



Each day, kids will be able to worship in a large-group setting along with their peers through live-stream.  Extra bonding time will be given to our preteens just hang out and have fun.



Preteens have a wide range of enrichment Electives to choose from this year.  These topics include Game playing, Self Helps, Tasty Cooking classes, plus more!


Virtual Fun Fair

On Friday afternoon, we are excited to have campers attend our annual Fun Fair. Each division will have an hour to themselves to participate. More than 40 virtual booths will be ready for our campers to join in at their own pace.


A virtual prize booth will be opened for them to choose their prize. We can't wait for campers to experience all this fun!

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